Production Solutions

Manufacturing Engineering:  EDAG Production Solutions develops production processes based on your requirements. We evaluate and assess proposed and existing processes based on our experience of product design, materials and manufacturing methods such as tooling and assembly methodologies. 

We also give feedback regarding the products manufacturability and optimize the manufacturing process based on analysis of process flow, equipment layout and size/throughput requirements. 

We offer simulation with focus on ergonomics, assembly throughput and access for welding or installation. 

EDAG also performs Business Cases where we investigate costs for staff, materials and processes including delivery plans and possible future requirements.  We can study a specific area of your facility or help with site selection for a greenfield or brownfield development. 

Logistics engineering is another area of excellence.  How do we get the parts into the plant, store them, deliver them to point of use, display them to the operator, and ensure that the right part ends up in the right assembly?

In short, EDAG designs what happens inside the four walls of your facility including: 

  • Employee considerations from bathroom locations and air handling to work station access and fire egress.  Further considerations include workstation layout and ergonomics as well as assembly standards and error proofing. 
  • Logistics considerations from truck wells and dock personnel to storage locations and delivery scheduling.  As products move through the facility, how are they transported, where may the need to be stored, how are they displayed to assembly workers, and how do we handle waste and returnable dunnage.  How are the finished products packaged and transported to the shipping areas and how do we protect our products from damage. 
  • Production considerations from how many employees will it take to manufacture our products to which tools will work best in the assembly process.  We can investigate alternative machining and assembly methods as well as detail layouts of workstations along an assembly line, which may contain humans, fixed automation or specialized robots. 
  • Assembly considerations including studies of different techniques from moving assembly lines to job shop style workstations.  Studies can include analysis of different conveyance methods, quality expectations from different assembly styles, throughput considerations and manpower vs automation studies. 
  • Facility considerations such as lighting, platforms, pits, noise levels, worker comfort, power requirements, accessibility, egress, parking, waste removal, vending, office spaces, fire protection, safety, air quality, overall layout and work flow. 

Whether it is 10,000 square feet or 1 million, let us help design your factory of the future. 

See our EDAG Production Solutions website for more information on our worldwide capabilities or CKGP/ for a complete picture of our capabilities and history in the US. 


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