EDAG Inc’s First Road Trip

Something most of us likely take for granted today is how simple the process of filling up a gas car is. You can bring almost every car to any gas station in the country and completely fill up in approximately 3-5 minutes.

Though the process might look similar from a distance, recharging an electric vehicle is a much different experience than refueling a traditional car. Early adopters of electric vehicles can encounter numerous challenges while recharging their car. Charge station speeds vary significantly, vehicle charging curves are usually drastically different from each other, and the authentication processes can change from station to station just to name a few headaches. Electric vehicles will soon dominate the automotive industry, but one obstacle holding back adoption is this nonuniform user experience while recharging your car. In order to drive the future of mobility we must address these problems and work to find the best possible solutions!

EDAG Inc, the United States branch of EDAG Group, was contracted at the beginning of the year to complete several test drives. The main purpose of this testing is to help streamline the user experiences related to recharging electric vehicles. To successfully complete these test drives, one of EDAG Inc’s recent hires, Chris Grimmer from Wayne State University, will be driving to different charge station manufacturers and operators around the country. Speaking about his new opportunity, Chris explained that this is just one of the ways EDAG stands out as an employer. “EDAG gives you the opportunity to work on many different types of projects and see different sides of the automotive industry. I think an opportunity like this is incredibly valuable for a recent graduate such as myself and in this case comes with the added benefit of traveling the country!” Chris started out at EDAG Inc as an intern back in February of 2020 and has now worked on four different projects all related to electric vehicles. "It's important to me that I work for a company so invested in electrification of the automotive industry. Here at EDAG I get to face challenges and solve problems from many different sides of electric vehicles. The last 14 months have been a fantastic learning experience for me and also deeply rewarding.”

The first test drive has four major areas of focus: Los Angeles, San Jose, Washington DC, and a couple parts of the Great Lakes region. During this trip, Chris will experience numerous new places and collaborate with other engineers of different backgrounds. Look for subsequent posts in the near future so that you can follow along with his journey!

If you have any questions or comments about the trip or working at EDAG Inc, please feel free to reach out to Chris Grimmer or Kai-Uwe Salzmann. We would love to hear from you!


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Mechanical Engineer                                                   
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Kai-Uwe Salzmann
President / CEO
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